Team Information

MAGS currently has 9 competitive teams in the MAGA as well as 10 USAG gymnasts. These teams practice separately from our class schedule and are involved in more demanding practices. We highly recommend that your gymnast attends practice two or more times a week, as more growth is displayed in those who are involved at the gym more.

 Competition Season Practice times include:

Avalanche, Storm, Tsunamis, Blizzards and Earthquakes:

Monday – 6:15-8:45
Tuesday – 6:15-8:45
Wednesday – 6:15-8:45
Thursday – 6:15-8:45

Ice, Fire, Sparks, and Snowflakes:

Monday - 4:15-6:15
Tuesday – 4:15-6:15
Thursday - 4:15-6:15
Friday – 4:15-6:15

For more information on our competitive teams please call MAGS at 507-625-6260.